USITT23 Games & Challenges

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Planned events:

Conference-wide scavenger hunt

Back by popular demand, we will be operating a conference-wide scavenger hunt! This is an interactive game experience powered by Goosechase. We can program the scavenger hunt missions in many different ways, including setting the times or conditions for what makes any given mission available, requiring a photo or video, or having participants input a text answer.

Attendee Instructions:
  1. Download the Goosechase iOS or Android app.
  2. Log in. New to Goosechase? Sign up for an account or play as a guest.
  3. Search for this Experience by code 1G6M5D or name USITT 2023 Scavenger Hunt. Once you find your Experience, click Let's Go!
  4. Join an existing team or create your own team. Some profiles require a passcode!
  5. Lastly, set yourself apart with a name and photo and click Save.
Exhibitors, do you want your new product to have #engagement on Twitter or Instagram? How about pictures of attendees proudly wearing your swag? Do you want to have one of our hidden objects placed in or around your booth? All of this and more are possible.

Exhibitor Instructions:


Our trivia nights are back and better than ever! We will be running pub-style trivia on Wednesday, March 15, and Friday, March 17, from 8-10 p.m. in room 224 in the Convention Center and we would love to see you!

Rapid Design Competition

Our new event this year will be a Rapid Design competition. During the expo festivities on Friday night from 4-6 p.m. inside the Convention Center, next to the Expo Stage. Teams will be given a container, art supplies, and a bag of carefully curated junk, and then will have 20-30 minutes to create a Cornell Box-style response to a prompt.

Exhibitors, if you are interested in providing any materials or submitting prompt ideas, click here to email us and someone will reach out to you.

Skill Challenges

This year we are bringing back skills challenges. Instead of one night of Tech Olympics, the challenges will be available whenever the Expo floor is open! Different stations will be placed around the floor to provide folks with an opportunity to test their backstage skills. Events such as knot tying, light focusing, taping out a ground plan, stitching, and more will be set up for anyone to try.

Exhibitors, if you are interested in providing consumables and/or equipment, click here to email us and someone will reach out to you.

Finally, at the end of the conference, we will announce the winners of the scavenger hunt, trivia, skills, and design competitions and provide them with fun and exciting prizes. If you would like to help out with that, you can! Please let us know if you would like to provide some of the prizes or to help in any other way.

Winners will be announced on Saturday on the Expo Floor stage, and any exhibitors who contribute any material or prizes will be acknowledged on the stage and in signage.

We are excited to create interactive and engaging activities for our conferencegoers, and we think that this year will be an absolute blast.

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