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Exhibit and Sponsorship Application


Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at Dealer Week, the MRAA’s Conference and Expo, located at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida, December 4-7, 2023.
At this time, we are sold out of booths for the 2023 event. Please let us know if you would like to be added to our communications list for 2024 Exhibit Information (

You can still attend the 2023 Dealer Week Conference and Expo with our Non-Exhibiting Supplier Registration Pass. This event registration pass will get you access to the Expo Hall, Educational Sessions, Keynote Presentations, Networking Events and the Industry Celebration, Monday - Thursday December 4-7, 2023. Click Here to register! 

MRAA Partner Membership

Take advantage of the lowest booth rates AND increase your exposure to dealer members all year long by becoming a supporting member of the MRAA! Our Partner Members receive discounted rates for booth space and additional staff registration passes at Dealer Week. As a non-member, you will have the ability to purchase a membership with your booth space within the application.   

  • Platinum Partner Member – $5,000 annually

  • Standard Partner Member – $1,500 annually

Dealer Week 2023 Booth Rates

Dealer Week is an educational event designed to provide marine dealers with industry insights, best practices, and solutions to help them strengthen their businesses. Exhibiting in the Expo Hall will provide you with the opportunity to reach these key decision makers, showcase your products and services, network with industry professionals, and increase your brand awareness. 

Size              Non-Member      Partner Member     Platinum Member        
10x10            $4,225                 $3,675                     $3,195      SOLD OUT         
10x20            $6,525                 $5,675                     $4,930      SOLD OUT       
20x20            $9,365                 $8,145                     $7,085      SOLD OUT       

20x30            $12,915               $11,230                   $9,765      SOLD OUT       
20x40            $15,775               $13,715                   $11,925    SOLD OUT       
30x30            $19,215               $16,710                   $14,530    SOLD OUT       

30x40            $24,180               $21,025                   $18,285    SOLD OUT 
40x40            $29,935               $26,030                   $22,630    SOLD OUT 

Bulk space    $13/sq ft               $12/sq ft                  $12/sq ft

Non-member booth spaces include two (2) staff registration passes; MRAA Standard Partner Members receive three (3) staff registration passes; MRAA Platinum Partner Members receive four (4) staff registration passes. You will be able to assign those passes, and have the option to purchase additional passes at the rates listed below after your application has been approved.

Non-Member      Partner Member      Platinum Member
$799 each           $499 each                 $499 each

To complete your Booth Application you will need:

  • Company name and email address for the main booth contact
  • Credit Card for payment
  • High-res company logo in .png format
  • 50-word company description for promotional materials

Now click START to reserve your booth space at Dealer Week 2023! 

If you have questions, please contact MRAA Sales and Marketing Specialist Gabrielle Ronnenberg at 763-272-4305 or by email at