PACEshow Sponsors


All registrations are subject to approval by PACEshow Management. 

Attendee eligibility is limited to owners, operators, and employees of convenience stores and petroleum marketing distributors. Pre-registration and/or on-site registration requires an approval process based on company &/or employment verification. The following may be required, including but not limited to, a photo ID, proof of employment, proof of company registration, sales tax license verification. 

Should you register as an attendee and are not eligible, your registration will be denied, removed from the registration database and you will not be allowed access to the PACEshow. 

You DO NOT register here.
The designated PACEshow contact at your company has been sent Exhibitor Badge Registration information to register all company personnel.  

Or, do you work for a company that provides products & services to the industry?  If so, your registration must be made through the Exhibitor Registration process.  

Please click the START button to begin the registration/registration approval process.