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Below are FAQs about attendee registration.

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Who is eligible to attend the PACEshow?
To qualify as an eligible Attendee, all attendees must be one of the following:
  • Own, operate or work for a retail convenience store, or
  • Own, operate or work for a truck stop, or
  • Own, operate or work for a petroleum marketer/distributor company

All attendee registrations are subject to approval by PACEshow Management. Employment verification may be required, and a photo ID and proof of employment may be requested for pre- and/or on-site registration.

Where do I pick up my badge?
All attendees must pre-register online. Upon approval of your registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration. This confirmation will include the barcode needed to acquire your badge onsite. All badges are to be picked-up on-site at the Kansas city Convention Center in Lobby 2300, located near the PACEshow Exhibit Hall E Entrance.

What are the Show Hours?
Click here for the 2023 PACEshow Schedule of Events.

PACEshow hotel information?
Hotel information will be released in December, 2022 to eligible PACEshow registrants only. You are ineligible to reserve a hotel room without a 2023 PACEshow registration.

Are non-exhbiting vendors eligible to attend the PACEshow?
To protect the integrity and ensure the value of the PACEshow, and maintain fairness to our exhibitors who financially support the show, any vendor or supplier who is not exhibiting will not be allowed to register as an attendee. All registrations will be reviewed and if it is determined by the PACEshow that an attendee does not meet the eligibility requirements to register for the PACEshow as an attendee, your registration will be cancelled and you will not be allowed access to the show.

Non-Exhbiting Vendor status is acquired through the PACEshow Exhbitor Registration process, click here to register. Any non-exhibiting vendor who does not pay the $2,250 fee will not be allowed on the trade show floor, and will be escorted out of the facility.