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The MAPS 2023 EMEA Annual Meeting is taking place in Lisbon, Portgual, May 14-16, 2023. We invite you to be part of THE defining moment for Medical Affairs as we fully realize our place as a strategic pillar in the biopharmaceutical and MedTech industries.

The theme of the 2023 MAPS EMEA Annual Meeting is Expanding the Horizons of Medical Affairs. This theme reflects the expanding realm and influence of Medical Affairs and the opportunities for individuals to grow within the field. The overall objective of the conference is to develop, refine, and enhance the core capabilities and competencies of medical affairs, to share best practices across the industry, and to ensure that participants take home actionable insights and tools that will fuel the capabilities of their Medical Affairs teams. All proposal submissions should take into account the meeting theme, and place an emphasis on innovation and leadership.

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MAPS 2023 EMEA Meeting: Lisbon


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