The American Academy for Oral & Systemic Health, AAOSH, is an organization committed to revolutionizing interdisciplinary healthcare by uniting medicine and dentistry to empower a higher quality of life and care for patients. AAOSH presents an opportunity for dental, medical, and all allied healthcare professionals to access cutting-edge, research-based education that has an immediate impact on your ability to treat patients, grow your practice, and become a leader in oral systemic health.

AAOSH is built on the foundation of collaboration. With this comes the power to cure, and the power to prevent patients from going down dangerous paths—ones we see people unknowingly succumb to every day in healthcare. “Collaboration–the ultimate intertwining of skills, passions, and knowledge–is what concocts the most shatterproof forms of change making.” We are honored to join forces for Collaboration Cures 2023, so together we can magnify our change in the world.


Learn More about AAOSH: aaosh.org

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