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Michael Lo Presti - Business Communications Director, Cigna
Michael Lo Presti serves as Business Communications Director for Cigna, a global health service company. He is responsible for several functions within the Corporate Communications team, including executive communications for the Chief Information Officer and the General Counsel; internal communications for Cigna's Information Technology and Legal departments; Cigna's internal communication channels; and communications for Cigna's enterprise Agile program.

Michael has 20+ years of experience in corporate and internal communications. Since joining Cigna in 2001, he has worked in a variety of communications roles within the company supporting many of Cigna's business lines and support functions. He is a two-time winner of the CEO Champions Award, Cigna's highest form of employee recognition. Prior to joining Cigna, Michael worked in corporate communications at Chubb, a global insurance company, and at Executive Risk, a small insurance company based in Simsbury, Connecticut, prior to its acquisition by Chubb.

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