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Ayesha Lett - Marketing Manager, KPMG in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
Ayesha Lett is an experienced Marketing and Communications professional with extensive experience in corporate communications, media relations, social media management, and crisis communications. After spending just over a decade in the field, Ayesha knows that staying on top of trends, and agility are key to success. Currently, she is the Marketing Manager at KPMG in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, where she also leads business development.
Ayesha has worked in leading regional organizations, most recently at the U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, & the OECS.
Ayesha earned several awards from the U.S. State Department- most recently for her extraordinary efforts to engage and support the development of the press corps of the Eastern Caribbean, leading to broader public awareness of vital U.S. mission goals.
Ayesha holds a BA from Georgia State University in Broadcast Journalism, and is currently pursuing her MA in Strategic Communication at Washington State University.

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