Breakout Proposals

Here’s what you can expect:

Speakers are selected through a peer-reviewed process, with evaluations conducted by top experts in the field. Selections are based on alignment to the IABC Global Standard and the degree to which the sessions inform, engage and deliver on the theme. We’ll be looking for:
  • Leaders and innovators in the business communication space
  • New tools and techniques that will foster business growth and audience engagement
  • Best practices that others can learn from
  • Speakers who push the boundaries of what is happening now—and make attendees think about how to prepare for the future
  • Actionable, real-life examples attendees can take back and implement as soon as they hit the ground
  • And more!

IABC is grounded in creating connections around knowledge, experiences, ideas and people. These connections drive innovation and enable you and the communication profession to rise and be recognized for the contributions you make to your organizations. The following guidelines are intended to help you build a great submission and allow the Program Advisory Committee to understand how your presentation will bring attendees an experience to learn, collaborate, engage and think forward.
  1. Complete all sections of the submission form. It is absolutely essential that you respond to all fields in the submission process. Incomplete information will result in no score for that section and may result in disqualification.
  2. Show direct alignment to the conference theme: Think Forward. We want our conference attendees to have a meaningful experience during each session and  ensure that all sessions are connected to our theme: Think Forward. Please make it very clear to the reviewing committee how your session aligns with the track and conference theme. The most successful entries show clear and direct alignment to the conference theme.
  3. Get to the point. There are word limits for each component of the submission, so choose your words wisely and make sure to give the reviewing committee everything they need to understand how you and your presentation aligns with the conference theme: Think Forward.
  4. Aim for clarity. You never know who will be reviewing your submission, and chances are they don’t know you,, your content or your background. Avoid jargon and broad information about your content, and make sure your goals for the presentation are clear.
  5. Make the session description clear. The biggest frustration of conference attendees is session descriptions that don’t align with what is actually being presented. This is your time to be clear and also to show your personality. The evaluation team and the attendees want to get a sense of who you are—be sure your session description is written in a way that says exactly what it is while also being engaging enough that it would make YOU want to attend.
  6. Engage participants through your presentation style. Conference attendees prefer presenters who engage with them and give them an opportunity to interact. Help the committee understand how you intend to engage attendees (e.g. examples of exercises and case studies of prior engagements) and demonstrate the value of your session.
  7. Include a video. If there is no video your submission will be disqualified. But don’t worry! This doesn’t have to be professionally produced. If you want to just pick up your phone and tell us—in 60 seconds or less—about you and your topic, that will do the trick. A video of you speaking enables the reviewing committee to see you in action. Your ability to deliver is just as important as the quality of your content.
  8. Share your current experiences and challenges. Year after year, conference attendees tell us the sessions they value most are those that deal with real challenges and how they have been/are being met through innovative communication strategies. We favor presentations that share experience, tools/techniques and give attendees something they can take back to work to implement.

If you’re reading this, then you’re already on your way to being a part of the action—thank you for your interest in being a conference speaker! It's easy to get start. Simply click the START button below and you're on your way!

If you'd like to view the questions from the proposal form ahead of time, please click here. Please note that this document is for informational purposes only and you must submit a proposal through the system to be considered to speak at our World Conference. 

The submission deadline for breakout proposals is 11:59 p.m. PDT 26 October, 2018. 

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