FIA IDX Gala 2024 Sponsorship & Table Opportunities

Join us on 19 June 2024 at Old Billingsgate for the IDX Gala!

Depending on the level of support, Sponsors will receive the following benefits, in addition to what is included with their specific Sponsorship:
Please note:
  • Sponsorship levels are determined by total sponsor spend per company.
    • It does not include any amount paid towards tables for 10
  • Credits will not be given for benefits not used.
Sponsorship Level
FIA Member Price/
Non-Member Price
(£16,000+VAT/ £19,200+VAT)
(£13,500+VAT/ £16,200+VAT)
(£11,000+VAT/ £13,200+VAT)
(£6,500+VAT/ £7,800+VAT)
(£3,500+VAT/ £4,200+VAT)
Table for 10
(£3,600+VAT/ £4,320+VAT)
Gala Invitations
Table for 10 3 Tables 2 Tables 1 Table     1 Table
Individual invitations       5 Invitations 3 Invitations  
Pre-, During & Post-Gala Promotion
Digital ad* on the FIA IDX Gala website
-Ad rotates with other sponsor ads
970x90 px
(Top half of the page)
970x90 px
(Lower half of the page)
Top billing on the IDX Gala website          
Logo on IDX Gala registration confirmation email          
Logo on IDX Gala promotional marketing materials  
Logo on the IDX Gala website  
Company profile page hyperlinked on IDX Gala Sponsor page
On-Site Promotion
Top billing on signage at the IDX Gala          
Logo included on the cover of the IDX Gala printed programme        
Logo included on digital signage at the IDX Gala  
Logo included inside the IDX Gala printed programme  

*Must be pre-approved by FIA

 Click here to view instructions for how to submit your contract (PDF version).
here to for the Sponsor Terms & Conditions (PDF version).

Tables for 10 (Member:£3,600+VAT/Non-Member: £4,320+VAT)
Platinum Sponsorships (Member: £16,000+VAT/Non-Member: £19,200+VAT)
Gold Sponsorships (Member: £13,500+VAT/Non-Member: £16,200+VAT)
Silver Sponsorships (Member: £11,000+VAT/Non-Member: £13,200+VAT)
Bronze Sponsorships (Member: £6,500+VAT/Non-Member: £7,800+VAT)
Contributing Sponsorships (Member: £3,500+VAT/Non-Member: £4,200+VAT)
Supporting Partnerships