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Conference Evaluation


Overall Evaluation
  Excellent Good Average Poor N/A
Overall Conference Rating
Field Course You Attended
Focus Speakers you Attended
Member Only Meet & Greet
Opening Session Keynote: Ayana Elizabeth
Closing Session Keynote: Craig Strang
Exhibit Hall
Conference Location (San Jose)
CSTA Staff
Did you stay in an area hotel?
clear selection
Regarding the Programs You Attended:
  Very Just Right Fell Short
Usefulness of Workshops
Usefulness of Short Courses
What did you like best about the conference?

What topic area were covered well?

What topic areas would you like to see covered in the future?

How did you hear about the conference? (Please check all that apply.)
How did you feel at the conclusion of the conference (check all that apply):
Final Comments on your conference experience:

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