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What is Virtual 2020ALC?

The CBCF has made the historic decision to make this year’s Annual Legislative Conference fully virtual and at no cost to all who register. With our organization’s focus areas of education, public health, economic development and empowerment, we are embracing our responsibility to bring our programming to the masses for the first time.


This year the conference has expanded to a month-long event with more than 50 sessions.


Attendees will be prompted to select the sessions they want to view at the scheduled time or on demand. CBC members will continue to serve as honorary hosts for many of these sessions. In addition, the former Prayer Breakfast is now being featured as A Day of Healing and the former Phoenix Awards Dinner is being rebranded as an entertainment show. Both are now available at no charge to all ALC registrants.

What is the Virtual 2020 ALC THEME?

This year’s theme is Now Is OurTime

Hashtag #VirtualALC


Register at cbcfinc.org/alc or cbcfinc.org/alc2020


You will be prompted to search for your registration profile if 1) you attended ALC 2019 or 2) you registered for a CBCF webinar in 2020.


If you are a new registrant you can create your profile at the links above.


You must register to participate in Virtual 2020 ALC. You will not be able to access any of the sessions without registering.


Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with your login information.

Your password will be sent in a separate email to keep your data safe.


Registrants will receive an email when the final schedule of sessions is released. You will be able to select the sessions you want to view at that time.

  • All media and sponsors will now register through the attendee website portal.

Individuals who wish to be considered for an ALC panel should apply at https://s7.goeshow.com/cbcf/annual/2020/call_for_speakers.cfm

  • Speaker consideration must be submitted by
  • If you are selected to serve on a panel, you will be directed via email to the Speaker Service Portal and then to the Attendee Registration Portal to register for the conference.
  • All speaker/panelists will receive instructions, rehearsal and taping time for session recording.

Sponsors must submit an application to conduct a session at https://s7.goeshow.com/cbcf/annual/2020/third_party_application.cfm

  • Third party applications may begin the application process on July 1. Acceptance letters and invoices will begin being mailed to accepted organizations by August 7, 2020.
  • After you are notified of session approval, you will be directed via email to the Speaker and Attendee Registration Portals to register for the conference. As in past years, every participate on your panel should self-register through the Attendee portal.
  • All speaker/panelists will receive instructions, rehearsal and taping time for session recording.
  • Third party payments and signed letters of agreements are due to CBCF by August 14, 2020.

There will no Exhibit Hall this year.

The Virtual 2020ALC is scheduled from August 31, 2020 – October 4, 2020 at various times throughout the day. Your session will air for the first time at the scheduled date and time and be available on demand once the session has aired.


Registrants will receive an email once the schedule is live on cbcfinc.org/alc or cbcfinc.org/alc2020.

ALC Inquiries:


Phone: 202-263-5711

Email: alc@cbcf.org


Registration Assistance:


Phone: 847-620-4497

Email: cbcf_registration@goeshow.com that is CBCF – underscore – registration@goeshow.com


General CBCF Inquiries:


CBCF Washington DC Service Center

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM EST


Brenda White-Tucker



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