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Attendee Service Center

We look forward to welcoming you to San Antonio for the 2022 BMES Annual Meeting! To enter this portal you must be currently registered for the Annual Meeting.

How do I login?
Your Attendee Service Center login credentials are in the confirmation email "Registration Confirmation - 2022 BMES Annual Meeting" that came from If you can't locate that email, simply enter the email address you used to register and click "Forgot Password" in the sign-in box to reset your password.

NOTE: Your login information for the Attendee Service Center is DIFFERENT from the login you use to access your membership log-in on the BMES website.

Use this portal to:

  • Make changes to your profile AFTER you have registered 
  • Add/Update your profile picture
  • Update events that you would like to attend

Need Help? Please call or email the Registration team at: 847-620-4277 or