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LifeSpan Network invites you to present at the 2022 Annual Conference and Expo. This event is a fantastic opportunity to share your best practices, regulatory guidelines, implementation successes, tips, and proven project solutions to a broad range of senior care professionals.

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

We encourage proposals from all disciplines, including providers, state agencies, long term care organizations, business members, consultants, and others. Now is your chance to share that knowledge and experience - from success stories to professional insights, you have the opportunity to enhance long-term healthcare in Maryland.

Benefits of Presenting

  • Share your ideas and expertise with both newcomers and veterans of the senior residential and long-term healthcare fields.
  • Meet others in the field who may contribute to the future success of your organization.
  • Advance knowledge across the industry to improve outcomes for businesses and long-term care residents.
  • Presenters receive complimentary registration to the conference.

Audience Characteristics:

Our audience represents all disciplines from both independent and multi-facility organizations, in both the for-profit and not-for-profit space. Attendees have varying levels of experience in the long-term care profession and are typically administrators, executive directors, owners, facility leadership, and key decision makers.

Characteristics of Successful Presentations:

LifeSpan supports presentations which will enhance the knowledge, skills, or programs of attendees of the conference. The following tracks will be guiding the sessions for the 2022 conference, but it is not mandatory that your presentation topic fall within a specific track. If the information you wish to share is compelling and relevant but does not fall directly in one of the tracks, we still strongly encourage you to submit a proposal.

Tracks for the 2022 LifeSpan Annual Conference:

  1. Leadership: The Leadership Track is meant to engage professionals who are rising leaders or existing leaders who wish to add to their skill set to best navigate the senior living industry. Topics sought: Rising leader development; workforce development, including best recruitment practices, retention of current talent, workforce engagement and reduction of turnover; navigating from co-worker to supervisor; best practices in hiring internationally; employee crisis and substance misuse; and management essentials such as budgeting and communication.
  2. Associate Wellbeing: While this topic may be closely associated with HR subjects, this track seeks to help leaders address social topics within our senior profession. These topics may include such items as LGBTQ/gender fluidity of associates and/or clients; why our industry is currently experiencing crisis-level staffing turnover and how to address it; emotional self-care for caregivers; addressing unconscious bias; the origins of employee burnout; and how to provide intrinsic rewards on a shoestring budget.
  3. Regulatory/Clinical: This track is intended to help professionals learn how to best operate within a complex and often confusing set of rules and regulations. Speakers would address issues such as: changing regulations, including covid restrictions; how to implement or meet regulatory compliance through best practices; handling family complaints that turn into reported incidents; workman’s comp issues and how to provide better outcomes for safety and the bottom line; clinical changes or improvements that result in better QAPI outcomes; or clinical innovation that improves current or future medical care options.
  4. The Senior Lifestyle: This track seeks presenters who can speak to positive opportunities within senior housing for our residents, staff and families. Areas to address might include hospitality; the dining experience; programming and resident engagement, for both memory care and non-memory care residents; environmental and architectural design that make senior living better; medical cannabis in senior living with a look toward positive clinical outcomes; and ways to make communal living a welcome home environment.
  5. Innovation & Technology: This track is not just about providing information technology, but is also seeking those businesses, individuals, or services that are leading the way in creating new and impactful services to serve seniors or the people who care for them. Topics might include harnessing new technologies to effect positive outcomes in senior’s lives; adapting existing tools in new and innovative ways to make a job easier; architectural design for better living; programs for better emotional, physical, or cognitive living; or IT programming for better ease of use by workers and seniors alike.

Selection Process:

The Education Committee will review all completed proposals. Incomplete proposals will

not be reviewed. Criteria used to select proposals include but are not limited to:

  • Unique and timely content
  • Relevance to the needs of LifeSpan key constituents
  • Content offering practical, results-oriented information

Submission Guidelines:

  • Concurrent/Breakout sessions are one (1) hour
  • Submissions may be individual presentations, group presentations or panels
  • Individuals or groups may submit up to 3 proposals
  • Submitting a proposal does not guarantee that your presentation will be selected
  • Speakers that are selected agree to abide by all deadlines

Proposal Requirement/Policies:

All proposals must conform to the following:

  • Proposals must be free of commercial or promotional content
  • Proposals must be complete upon submission; incomplete proposals will not be reviewed
  • All proposals must be received no later than 5:00pm on May 16, 2022
  • Subject matter must be current and appealing to conference topic and attendees
  • Presenter offers practical tools that can be readily utilized by attendees
  • Proposal is clear, focused and well-organized
  • Title and subject matter must offer a clear description of the topic and be engaging
  • Presenter’s credentials and experiences shall relate to the session topic

Honorarium/Speaker Fees/ Expenses
In our effort to keep registration fees affordable for all attendees, LifeSpan does not offer honoraria, speaker fees, travel or other costs incurred by presenters. However, presenters are provided a complementary full-registration package valued up to $1,200. Presenters are selected based on their expertise and are provided with a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and decision makers.

Questions? Please contact Annmarie Gordon 410 381-1176 ext. 240 or Lesley Flaim 410 381-1176 ext. 261

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