Silvus Technologies - Booth 3205
Silvus StreamCaster 4200 (SC4200EP)
SC4200EP is a 2x2 MIMO radio, delivering best-in-class MANET radio performance and connectivity at the tactical edge. With up to 20 Watts of transmit power, 100 Mbps data throughput, and Single/Dual Band Frequency Options, the SC4200EP delivers high-fidelity video, voice and IP data communications with class-leading range, mobility and scalability. At the heart of every StreamCaster radio is Silvus' proprietary MN-MIMO waveform that creates a self-forming, self-healing and adaptive mesh network - capable of connecting hundreds of nodes in any environment. Low SWaP profile makes it ideal for use in portable and embedded applications. (IP68 Rated)
• Up to 10 Watts Output Power (20W EIRP)
• Single/Dual Band (300 MHz – 6 GHz)
• 20/10/5 MHz Bandwidth
• Up to 100 Mbps Data Rate
• Interfaces – Ethernet, USB, RS232, PTT
• Available Configurations: Battery Powered, Externally Powered, OEM Module