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Blackhawk Aerospace - Booth 2116
King Air B200 - 200M Special Missions
Boost your special mission capabilities with the 200M Performance Upgrade for King Air 200/C-12 Huron. The efficient and powerful 200M Performance Upgrade for the King Air 200/C-12 Huron delivers increased power, performance, and capabilities for special mission success. Enjoy increased flexibility to climb faster, carry more equipment and fuel, fly faster and farther, stay on station longer, and improve situational awareness in any special mission, even in extreme conditions.

Blackhawk Aerospace - Booth 2116
King Air 350 XR Endurance Kit
The Blackhawk XR Endurance Kit significantly boosts King Air 350 mission capability, keeping government, military, and special mission operators airborne despite aging fleets and shrinking budgets. The complete XR Endurance Kit features powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines, lightweight 5-blade natural composite MT-Propellers, CenTex Aerospace Saddle Tanks, heavyweight landing gear, high flotation tires, fully enclosed landing gear doors, a maritime rudder, and the True Blue Power TB44 lithium-ion battery.

Dillon Aero, Inc. - Booth 1517
Dillon Aero’s 503D .50 Cal Gatling Gun
Dillon Aero’s “NEW” 503D, .50 Cal Gatling Gun comprises 3 barrels and a firing rate of up to 1500 rounds per minute and is adjustable for integration optimization for all applications. It is the lightest and most technologically advanced .50 calibre on the market today. Dillon Aero, best known for their M134D-H Gatling Gun, referred to as "The Minigun”, has fielded more than 7,000 weapon systems worldwide. This establishment, dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge design, provides a full line of weapons mounts for the 503D, M134, M2, MK19, M240, M60, M249 & PKM for virtually all Air, Land and Sea applications.

Duroair Technologies USA Inc. - Booth 1935        
DuroRoom Retractable Enclosures
Duroair’s portable, retractable enclosures are custom-designed to your facilities’ processes, layouts, and workflows.

Our DuroRoom™ enclosures retract to 20% of their extended length, simplify material handling and eliminate bottlenecks allowing easy access to overhead cranes and maximizing use of floorspace. Our enclosures enable users to modernize existing facilities with infrastructure investments. Systems are moveable and deployable.

The DuroRoom™ enclosure can divide larger spaces into multiple work cells. Protecting other service members from potential contaminants or hazards and multiplying productive space during a single shift.

DuroRoom™ retractable enclosures accommodate any workpiece with sizes up to 50’H x 65’W x any linear length.

Duroair Technologies USA Inc. - Booth 1935        
DuroPure™ Recirculating System for Painting, Coating and Surface Preparation
As the world’s first indoor air filtration system, the DuroPure™ patented, six-stage filtration system captures 99+ percent of airborne particulates including hexavalent chromium and isocyanates and thoroughly cleans the air of VOC gases, safely returning clean air back to the working environment. Air leaving the exhaust system surpasses all OSHA requirements. The DuroPure™ system is a plug and play system. It is constructed on wheels and can be deployed anywhere in a working space. Air is recirculated into the shop space and no ducting or makeup air is required saving significantly on capital and energy costs.

Duroair’s DuroPure™ system is Defense Centers for Public Health – Aberdeen (DCPH-A) tested and verified by Army Engineers and Industrial Hygienists. The Duroair DuroPure™ system mitigates exposure to hexavalent chromium, isocyanates and VOCs, meeting HQDA’s mandate.

Duroair’s Patented Six-Stage Filtration
• 3 stages of particulate collection; captures paint particulate including hexavalent chromium (NESHAP 319) and particulate isocyanates
• 3 stage gas filtration, captures isocyanates in gas stage and destroys VOCs with two stages of carbon adsorbtion and 1 stage of UV PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) technology

Erika Test Company        
TestProduct1 description

ESCAPE International - Booth 3003        
AirTEP - Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform
The AirTEP from ESCAPE International is a cutting-edge helicopter rescue solution for military and civil defense aviation.

With a capacity of up to 10 people or 3,300lbs, it's designed to extract untrained civilians from dangerous situations, day or night, on land or water. Featuring 10 built-in Kevlar safety belts, rescuees can be secured in seconds.

The platform has been in service for over 15 years and is now used by Regular Armies and Civil Defense units such as Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The AirTEP has proven highly effective in saving lives and is a reliable and safe rescue option for people in distress.

Fulcrum Concepts, LLC - Booth 1826        
Black Hawk Configurable Lightweight Armament Wing (CLAW)
Expand your capabilities with a new set of CLAWs. Fulcrum’s Configurable Lightweight Armament Wing (CLAW) for the MH-60 Black Hawk can rapidly convert from two- to four-station configuration fielding a variety of munitions options: the M230, Hellfire/JAGM, 2.75” Rockets, GP-19, DAP-6, and a range of sensor and utility payloads.
The CLAW mounts in minutes to standard ESSS attachments with no impact to troop or cargo compartments. Once in the air, the CLAW keeps you in the fight longer thanks to a repairable structure that’s nearly 400 pounds lighter than competing wing systems.

Fulcrum specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for tactical aviation organizations. We leverage extensive combat experience and advanced engineering capabilities to provide a mission advantage to our customers. Contact us for a customized solution to add CLAWs to your birds.

Fulcrum Concepts, LLC - Booth 1826        
Modular Effects Launcher (MEL)
The modern battlespace demands a level of adaptability that was unheard of a generation ago. Rise to meet that challenge – whatever shape it takes – with the Fulcrum Modular Effects Launcher (MEL).

Fulcrum’s MEL is a jettisonable, modular, open-systems approach (MOSA) solution for carrying a variety of store combinations on the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) and MH-60 platforms. The MEL can be configured to mount combinations of one to four stores, with Carriage Stores Station Interface (CSSI) connections at each station.

Fulcrum specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for tactical aviation organizations. We leverage extensive combat experience and advanced engineering capabilities to provide a mission advantage to our customers. Contact us to learn how we can apply our adaptable, flexible, and innovative solutions to meet your needs.

MOOG Inc. - Booth 1716        
The Moog HE350 is a hybrid electric powered, multi-rotor, autonomous flight vehicle, replacing manned rotorcraft for those missions deemed too dangerous, or where the size and performance of a manned helicopter is simply not required. The inherent cost savings associated with the removal of a flight crew, the vehicle’s ability to be directed by an operator rather than a pilot, and the sustainment benefits of the simplified subsystems architecture of a hybrid electric vehicle all combine to make the HE350 a transformative warfighting machine. The Universal Payload Assembly, with standard 14” NATO lugs, transforms the vehicle from gunship to resupply to emergency exfiltration, with no modification to the airframe structure.

MOOG Inc. - Booth 1716        
Weapon Stores Management Systems
The third generation Weapon Stores Management System (SMS) is a Modular Open System Approach (MOSA) compliant, COTS weapons control system that seamlessly integrates with aircraft sensors and mission management systems to provide the crew with a superior fire-control solution.

PIC Wire & Cable - Booth 520
Ultralite 50 Ohm Coax Cable
Our next-generation 50-ohm Ultralite coax cables are up to 80% lighter than mil-spec cables and help reduce weight and operating costs, increase payload capacity, decrease losses, and provide higher EMI immunity. Their small size and improved bend radius allow you to route cables through more complex and demanding systems where space is at a premium and cable weight matters. Learn more about the ULTRALITE cables at PIC Wire & Cable,s booth, #520, or online at www.PICwire.com.

PIC Wire & Cable - Booth 520
MACHFORCE D38999 Connectors
MACHFORCE® is a D38999 style connector for your high-speed data needs.

MACHFORCE connectors enable advanced data density and signal integrity which can simplify termination and make multiple disconnects possible.

MACHFORCE connectors provide the increased bandwidth needed to power tomorrow's military and aerospace applications.

Find out more about MACHFORCE connectors today at PIC Wire & Cable booth #520!

Red Cat Holdings - Booth 2138
Teal 2
The Teal 2 sUAS, equipped with Teledyne Flir’s new Hadron 640R sensor, provides end users with the highest resolution thermal imaging in a small (Group 1) form factor and is optimized for nighttime operations. Its compact size and rugged design enables the system to be rucksack portable and deployed in the most challenging environments.

Red Cat Holdings - Booth 2138
The Skycopter's primary application is short-range reconnaissance missions in confined spaces and GPS-denied areas. The system is optimized for tactical rapid field deployment enabling operations in dark and obstacle-rich environments to inspect places invisible from above. Additionally, the Skycopter can be deployed globally and remote piloted from anywhere in the world from its internet-based ground control station.

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