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A new generation of body armour capable, fully modular aircrew life preserver for combat operations. The optional integrated ballistic protection, up to NIJ Level IV provides protection to pilots and rear crew from small arms fire including 7.62mm BZ API.

For use by front and rear aircrew
Modular equipment pockets for essential survival aids and mission adaptability
Integrated Fall Arrest Harness
Available in four sizes with adjustment to optimise comfort and fit
Lightweight fabrics to minimise thermal burden
Available in Sage Green and Desert Tan colours
Single or twin buoyancy options ensure compliance with different safety case and mission requirements
Removable crotch straps and PSP loops

Survitec - Booth 2026        
When a helicopter ditches and the crew and passengers have a matter of seconds to make a decision, it is crucial that they are equipped with the very best in life-saving equipment to aid their survival. The RFD Heliraft has accumulated over two decades of in-service experience for both commercial and military applications and remains the benchmark standard against which modern aviation survival equipment is measured.

The RFD Heliraft remains a world leading brand in the design, development and manufacture of high quality safety and survival equipment. With over 90 years defence and aerospace experience, RFD has the capacity, resources, technological knowledge and experience to meet the most demanding requirements

Survitec - Booth 2026        
Single Seat Life Raft
The Single Seat Liferaft is a unique liferaft designed for single-person occupancy for use in the most extreme circumstances. Suited for fixed-wing, rotary aircraft and submarine operations, the Single Seat Liferaft is specifically designed for when minimal weight and stowage are critical for mission success.

The fully packed liferaft is so compact it can be stowed in confined areas such as a cockpit, or worn attached to the user during flight or evacuation ensuring easy accessibility. Manufactured from high frequency welded polyurethane proofed-nylon fabrics the Single Seat Liferaft is extremely durable and is capable of full through-life sustainability.