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MACS - • Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor
Patented technology providing confirmation of suspected incoming missile threats.
Integrated with the passive Electro-Optical sensors, MACS receives a pre-alarm from the passive sensors, slews to the direction of the threat, and then uses its Semi-Active Radar to verify the validity of threats while analyzing the threat’s unique characteristics.
This exclusive confirmation process between the Electro-Optical sensors and a high pulse repetition frequency (HPRF) Doppler radar of the MACS, rapidly provides the most effective filtering for all natural and man-made causes of false alarms while still protecting the aircraft from the short-range threats.
This unprecedented zero FAR enables AMPS to comply with stringent FAA/EASA civil aviation regulations, dramatically improving commercial and VIP aircraft protection.

BIRD Aerosystems - Booth 243        
SPREOS - Self-Protection Radar Electro-Optic System
SPREOS is an advanced DIRCM system that provides enhanced protection against MANPADS for a wide range of airborne platforms ranging from small helicopters to large transport aircraft.