IMPORTANT: All attendees will be required to show proof of FULL COVID19 vaccination.

In This Section

In This Section

Key Dates
  • Event Dates - December 7-8, 2021
  • 9/14: Exhibits/Sponsorships Open
  • 9/14: Housing and Registration Open
  • 11/8: eBooth Deadline


Registration Questions? For questions regarding your registration or if you need to make changes, please call or email Registrar at: or 847-620-4468.

AAAA Main Number - 203-268-2450

Exhibit Sales* - Bob Lachowski, x131 or Erika Burgess, x125 - 

Sponsorships and eBooth Upgrades - Jennifer Chittem, x124

Speakers - Joe Pisano, x442

Awardees - Janis Arena, x132

Press - Joe Pisano, x442

Deputy Director of Meetings and Events - Rebecca Sadegh, 203-521-0304

Director of Meetings and EventsConnie Golden, x133

* Industry Membership (required for exhibitors) - Mary Seymour, x129

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